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Ardeth #03MONEY. The Economies of Architecture
II - Fall 2018
a cura di:
Jeremy Till

anno di pubblicazione: 2018
cartaceo 250 pp

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The discussion of architecture, with all the visibility of its objects, tends to downplay the invisible flows of money that sustain its production.
It is as if the dependency on economic forces is too much to face up to; better then to celebrate the catalytic genius of the architectural hero and then the glorious outputs, and try to ignore everything else that goes on in between.
This issue intends to probe the in-between space of the operations of architecture, examining the intersection of the projects of architecture with economies, and with it their associated social and political contexts and implications. It is only through a better understanding of the way that contemporary economics cut across architectural operations that one can learn to deal with these dominant forces in a resistive and transformational manner.

Money, or the Elephant in the Room
The Editorial Board of “Ardeth”

Editorial. The Economies of Architecture 
Jeremy Till

Philanthropy, Investment and the Pecuniary Architecture of Bioscience Laboratories
Sandra Kaji-O’Grady

The Apple Case. Architecture, Global Market, and Information Technology in the Digital Age
Lina Malfona

The False Problem of Urbane Design
Fredrik Torisson

Flows of Capitalism, Flows of Architecture
Tim Gough

Teaching the Value of Work
Megan Groth

Economies of School-Building: the Selling of Architectural and Educational Futures
Adam Wood

L’intelligenza del progetto e l’architettura di carta-moneta
Andrea Gritti, Ezio Micelli, Alessandra Oppio

Two Questions on the Ontology of Money. An Imaginary Dialogue between John Rogers Searle and Maurizio Ferraris
Angela Condello in dialogue with John Rogers Searle and Maurizio Ferraris

Design Construction Networks
Who Builds Your Architecture? (WBYA?)

How to Design Housing for the Poor?
Petar Bojanic´

Crowdfunding & Architectural Practice. A Testing Ground for Homestay-Hotel in China
Sheng Zhao

Labour, The Way We Work
Melanie Dodd

RE: This Thing Called Theory
Andrea Alberto Dutto


Ardeth #05
Andrés Jaque


The Editorial Board of “Ardeth”, Money, or the elephant in the room

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.01 Ardeth#03-01_Editoriale GRATIS
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Jeremy Till, Editorial. The Economies of Architecture

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.02 Ardeth#03-02_Till GRATIS
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Sandra Kaji-O’Grady, Philanthropy, Investment and the Pecuniary Architecture of Bioscience Laboratories

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.03 Ardeth#03-03_Kaji-OGrady GRATIS
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Lina Malfona, The Apple Case. Architecture, Global Market, and Information Technology in the Digital Age

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.04 Ardeth#03-04_Malfona GRATIS
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Fredrik Torisson, The False Problem of Urbane Design

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.05 Ardeth#03-05_Torisson GRATIS
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Tim Gough, Flows of Capitalism, Flows of Architecture

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.06 Ardeth#03-06_Gough GRATIS
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Megan Groth, Teaching the Value of Work

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.07 Ardeth#03-07_Groth GRATIS
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Adam Wood, Economies of School-Building: the Selling of Architectural and Educational Futures

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.08 Ardeth#03-08_Wood GRATIS
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Andrea Gritti, Ezio Micelli, Alessandra Oppio, L’intelligenza del progetto e l’architettura di carta-moneta

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.09 Ardeth#03-09_Gritti-Micelli-Op GRATIS
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Angela Condello, John Rogers Searle, Maurizio Ferraris, Two Questions on the Ontology of Money. An Imaginary Dialogue between John Rogers Searle and Maurizio Ferraris

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.10 Ardeth#03-10_Condello-Searle-F GRATIS
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Who Builds Your Architecture? (WBYA?), Design Construction Networks

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.11 Ardeth#03-11_WBYA? GRATIS
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Petar Bojanic, How to Design Housing for the Poor?

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.12 Ardeth#03-12_Bojanic GRATIS
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Sheng Zhao, Crowdfunding & Architectural Practice. A Testing Ground for Homestay-Hotel in China

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.13 Ardeth#03-13_Zhao GRATIS
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Melanie Dodd, Labour, The Way We Work

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.14 Ardeth#03-14_Dodd GRATIS
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Andrea Alberto Dutto, RE: ‘This Thing Called Theory’

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DOI 10.17454/ARDETH03.15 Ardeth#03-15_Dutto GRATIS
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