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Phenomenology and Mind
Phenomenology & Mind 18 Psychopathology and Phenomenology - Perspectives
n. 18/2020
edited by Marta Boniardi, Elisabetta Lalumera

year of publication 2020
pp. 260
ISBN paper version 9788878858817
ISBN pdf version 9788878858824

Marta Boniardi, Elisabetta Lalumera

Section 1. Philosophical frameworks for psychopathology

K.W.M. (Bill) Fulford
The State of the Art in Philosophy and Psychiatry: an international open society of ideas supporting best practice in shared decision-making as the basis of contemporary person-centred clinical care

Lorenzo Fregna, Marco Locatelli, Cristina Colombo
The Phenomenology of Depression

Roy Dings
Psychopathology, phenomenology and affordances

Francesca Brencio, Prisca R. Bauer
Words matter. A hermeneutical-phenomenological account to mental health

Luka Janeš
Improvement of Psychiatry with Hermeneutics and Phenomenology as a Prerequisite for Treating Psychotic Disorders

Don Borrett
Naturalizing Phenomenological Psychopathology

Anna Drożdżowicz
The difficult case of complicated grief and the role of phenomenology in psychiatry

Daria Baglieri
Wardens and Prisoners of Their Memories: The Need for Autobiographical Oblivion in Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM)

Section 2. Science in Progress. New Conceptual Frames for Empirical Psychopathology and for Psychiatry

Thomas Fuchs
Delusion, reality and intersubjectivity: A phenomenological and enactive analysis

Giovanni Stanghellini, Milena Mancini
Body experience, identity and the other’s gaze in persons with feeding and eating disorders

Milena Mancini, Giovanni Stanghellini
Emotional depersonalization in persons with feeding and eating disorders

Elisa Melloni, Francesco Benedetti, Benedetta Vai, Elisabetta Lalumera
Not understanding others. The RdoC approach to Theory of mind and empathy deficits in Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder and Mood Disorders

Marko Juriako, Luca Malatesti
In what sense are mental disorders brain disorders? Explicating the concept of mental disorder within RDoC

Rasmus Rosenberg Larsen, Janna Hastings
Mapping the Patient’s Experience: An Applied Ontological Framework for Phenomenological Psychopathology

Section 3. Society, Politics and the Bodies of Mental Disease

Lillian Wilde
Trauma Across Cultures: Cultural Dimensions of the Phenomenology of Post-Traumatic Experiences

Domonkos Sik
Networks of anxiety – from the distortions of late modern societies to the social components of anxiety

Renata Bazzo, Christian Ingo Lenz Dunker
The Mania and Stimmung: On the phenomenological differences of the perception of mania and their transformations

Bernice Brijan
Existential loss in the face of mental illness: Further developing perspectives on personal recovery in mental health care

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DOI 10.17454/pam-1808 P&M18_08_Drozdzowicz 0,00