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Phenomenology and Mind


Phenomenology and Mind is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, and fully open access journal founded in 2011; each issue is available on request also in printed edition.
Born of a happy match between Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy of Mind, the journal puts personhood or the moral agent in the focus of philosophical concern. It takes over the Enlightenment’s legacy as commitment to critical reason, and promotes discussion and interchange among different methodological approaches, thereby overcoming barriers no longer justified in the present age of international, interdisciplinary research communities.
We publish articles in English. Exceptionally and on occasion of particular topics, other European languages (German, French, Italian) are admitted.


Phenomenology and Mind accepts articles both systematic (or in cooperation with experimental research), and scholarly/historical in nature. It also serves as a forum for the International Doctoral Schools organized by San Raffaele University Research Centres. Among its most frequent topics: Phenomenological Approaches to Mind and Cognition; the Embodied Mind; Issues in Social Ontology; Values/Norms; Ways of Direct Cognition (Perception, Emotion, Empathy); Personhood and Rational Agency; Aesthetics; Phenomenological Psychology and Psychopathology; Analytic philosophy (Mind and Language); Gender studies (Gendered personal Identity; Rights and equality; hate speech) Depending on the Research Centres charged with the production of particular issues, subjects closer to public debates are occasionally addressed, such as subjects pertaining to Bioethics and Public Ethics, Public Policies and Political Theory, Europe and the European Union.


Phenomenology and Mind publishes two regular issues per year, each devoted to a specific topic and edited by two editors. The Journal also welcomes free submissions, as well as proposals by external scholars to officiate as editors of a thematic issue.

The archive of the journal from no. 1 to no. 17. can be found at this link.

ISSN DIGITALE: 2239-4028

ISSN: 2280-7853
lang: eng
page: journals
Phenomenology and Mind Online First
Phenomenology and Mind 26
n. 26/2024
a cura di
Lambert Wiesing, Thomas Zingelmann

Phenomenology and Mind 25
Max Scheler and Europe
n. 25/2023
a cura di
Olivier Agard, Sylvain Josset, Matthias Schloßberger

Phenomenology and Mind 24
The True, the Valid, the Normative
n. 24/2023
a cura di
Paolo Di Lucia , Lorenzo Passerini Glazel

Phenomenology and Mind 23
Phenomenology, Axiology, and Metaethics
N. 23/2022
a cura di
Andrea Cimino, Dermot Moran, Andrea Staiti

Phenomenology and Mind 22
Mind, Language, and the First-Person Perspective
N. 22/2022
a cura di
Marta Benenti, Laura Caponetto, Elisabetta Sacchi

Phenomenology and Mind 21
The Phenomenology of Social Impairments
n. 21/2021
a cura di
Oren Bader, Valeria Bizzari, Thomas Fuchs

Phenomenology and Mind 20
Digital Identities, Digital Ways of Living: Philosophical Analyses
n. 20/2021
a cura di
Greta Favara, Nicole Miglio

Phenomenology and Mind 19
Human Reproduction and Parental Responsibility: New Theories, Narratives, Ethics
n. 19/2020
a cura di
Simona Corso, Florian Mussgnug, Virginia Sanchini

Phenomenology and Mind 18
Psychopathology and Phenomenology - Perspectives
n. 18/2020
a cura di
Marta Boniardi, Elisabetta Lalumera