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It was 1883 when Ugo Rosenberg and Arturo Sellier met in Turin. Both were emigrants, passionate about culture and determined to invent something new. They decided to found an international bookshop that soon began publishing on its own, achieving fame in particular with some dictionaries that will remain in the history of Italian culture, such as the German-Italian Dictionary of Biology and Medicine by Valentino Grandis and Mario Donati (1889) and Georges, the Latin-Italian dictionary translated by Ferruccio Calonghi from the school edition of the well-known German Latinist (1891).

Rosenberg & Sellier has been enriching its catalogue, now entirely devoted to humanities and social sciences, for almost 140 years, cultivating with passion relationships with universities and the most advanced sectors of research, in Italy and worldwide, and paying critical attention to the most pressing issues of public debate.
Since 2015, the the brand has become part of of Lexis, which, respecting such an authoritative tradition, is guiding the publishing house towards innovation and internationalisation, with a particular focus on practices that favour open access to the contents of scientific research.