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Unlike the many magazines that revolve around the architectural world, Ardeth concerns neither with outcomes (architecture) nor with the authors (architects). Ardeth concerns instead with their operational work, i.e. projects. The shift from subjects (their good intentions, as taught in Universities and reclaimed in the profession) to objects (the products of design, at work within the social system that contains them) engenders an analytical and falsifiable elaboration of the complex mechanisms that an open practice such as design involves. Through a process of disciplinary redefinition, Ardeth explores the falsifiability of design hypotheses as the object that allows the project to scientifically confront errors and approximations.

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ISSN: 2532-6457
ISSN digitale: 2611-934X
lang: ita
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Ardeth #12
KEY WORDS. Beautiful, Sustainable, Together
I - Spring 2023
a cura di
Simona Chiodo

Ardeth #10-11
COMPETENCY. Architecture and situated knowledge
10-11 (I-II 2022)
a cura di
Eunice Seng

Ardeth #09
RACE. Exploring the Modern-Colonial Legacy in Contemporary Architecture
II - Fall 2021
a cura di
Felipe Hernández

Ardeth #08
BURN-OUT. On planetary exhaustion and alternative public infrastructures
I - Spring 2021
Stefano Iacone
Ardeth #07
II - Fall 2020
a cura di
Jörg H. Gleiter

Ardeth #06
CONTINGENCY. Design and the challenge of change
I - Spring 2020
a cura di
Dana Cuff, Will Davis

Ardeth #05
INNOVATION as it happens
II - Fall 2019
a cura di
Andrés Jaque

Ardeth #04
RIGHTS. Norm and Form in Architecture
I - Spring 2019
a cura di
Carlo Olmo

Ardeth #03
MONEY. The Economies of Architecture
II - Fall 2018
a cura di
Jeremy Till

Ardeth #02
BOTTEGA. Ecology of Design Practice
I - Spring 2018
a cura di
Albena Yaneva

Ardeth #01
Architectural Design Theory
I - 2017