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Aristotelica is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to Aristotle and Aristotelianism through the centuries with a special focus on the texts and textual traditions of Aristotle as a common intellectual background for European and Mediterranean cultures. Filling a substantial gap in existing academic journals, Aristotelica covers the works of Aristotle, with particular attention to his theoretical treatises, their textual constitution, and the entire exegetical tradition, and with an emphasis on philology as an appropriate scholarly approach to philosophical texts. The time span is from Aristotle’s  contemporaries and Greek philosophical literature in Roman times, through the medieval period (Byzantine, Arabic, Latin) and Renaissance, going up to the twentieth century. The journal also considers submissions on the relevance of Aristotelianism to theoretical, epistemological, and ethical debates, as well as to fundamental questions about the establishment, definition, and development of ancient philosophy and science.

Submissions, which can be very short or long (there is no word limit), and written in any of the main European languages, must meet the highest scholarly standards and be based on sound methodology. They should contribute significantly to the field by asking innovative questions and reaching well-argued and ground-breaking conclusions.

Based on a cooperative agreement between the Università del Piemonte Orientale and the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (ILIESI-CNR, Italy), Aristotelica is also present on the ILIESI-CNR Open Journal System platform.

ISSN digitale: 2785-4515
lang: ita
page: riviste
Aristotelica n. 4
Aristotle across Boundaries
n. 4/2023
a cura di
Silvia Fazzo, Marco Ghione, Jill Kraye

Aristotelica n. 3
n. 3/2023
a cura di
Silvia Fazzo

Aristotelica n. 2
n. 2/2022
a cura di
Silvia Fazzo

Aristotelica n. 1
n. 1/2022
a cura di
Silvia Fazzo