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Phenomenology and Mind

Phenomenology and Mind is an international, interdisciplinary journal currently run by several Research Centres of San Raffaele University. Created in 2011 as the online journal of PERSONA, the Research Centre in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person, it started a new life in 2014 as a crossroads and meeting place for the most advanced results issuing from research domains including cognitive sciences and neuroscience (CRESA, Research Centre in Experimental and Applied Epistemology), public and applied ethics (CeSEP, Center for the Study of Public Ethics) and history of ideas (CRISI, Interdisciplinary Research Centre in the History of Ideas). Phenomenology and Mind promotes discussion and interchange among various methodological approaches, thereby overcoming barriers no longer justified in the present age of international, interdisciplinary research communities. Without renouncing its standards of analytical rigour and disciplined experience, in close cooperation with experimental research and historical scholarship, our journal will periodically host monographic issues edited by the various Research Centres. It will also continue to serve as a forum for the International Doctoral Schools organized by those Centres. Submissions are subject to double blind review.

The archives of the journal from issue n. 1 to issue n. 17 can be consulted in open access on the site

ISSN DIGITALE: 2239-4028

ISSN: 2280-7853
Phenomenology & Mind 19
Human Reproduction and Parental Responsibility: New Theories, Narratives, Ethics
n. 19/2020
a cura di
Simona Corso, Florian Mussgnug, Virginia Sanchini

Phenomenology & Mind 18
Psychopathology and Phenomenology - Perspectives
n. 18/2020
a cura di
Marta Boniardi, Elisabetta Lalumera